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Parent/Child Workshop


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At Life of Art we believe in the importance of sharing our creative experiences. In our Parent/Child workshops, a child attends with a parent, grandparent or aunt… Using imagination and observation, both parent and child can experiment and discover the different mediums and tools to create through their expressions.

You will discover a new way of communication that results from the sharing of creative experiences in this non – judgemental, fully supportive environment.

All your material is supplied. CHF90. – for 1 x adult and 1 x child (6 years old & up) and duration of 2 hours.






Origami and Painting – for Kids


Born in China, flourished in Japan. Origami is literally the art of folding paper that consists of making an object by folding a single sheet of paper without cutting it.

Life of Art is offering an origami / painting workshop to introduce children to this ancestral art. Playful, poetic, the children will create their own origami. The teacher will talk them about the origami story, the invention of paper, the principles of colours and so on.

Their small hands will be surprised with the infinity of possibilities with a simple sheet of folded paper!


Our Origami and Painting workshop is over 4 days (New dates to be advised). 10 children maximum between 8 – 11 years old.

All materials are provided. The children leave with their creation at the end of the course.

CHF198 per person

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Manga for Teens


During our manga workshop, Life of Art is offering an introduction to your children with the possibility to create their own manga. Inspired by the characters of Io Sakisaka (Japanese manga writer), the children will learn how to draw the face, hair, body proportions, postures, and various manga techniques so that they may discover the manga world and find their graphic styles.

Our Manga workshop will be over 4 days.

(New dates to be advised) 10 children maximum between 10 – 15 years old.

All your material is provided. The children leave with their manga at the end of the course.

CHF198 per person

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