Xiaobo Cheng

photoArtist and musician, Xiaobo first worked as an illustrator and graphic designer before devoting herself to teaching the arts. Her main activities include painting, drawing, photography and sound art. She graduated from Shanghai University (China) and the Haute Ecole d’Arts in Rhin (France). Her academic background in China was a formative experience that allowed her to practice more technical drawing and painting, however, her education received in France brought her closer to contemporary art, opening up new horizons. Throughout her stay in France, she animated workshops for the artistic development of children and adults, and participated in small exhibitions.

In her workshop, she will help you use various techniques and will accompany you in achieving your art project.


“Excellence is what counts only in its original nature and its innate disposition. ” —Zhuangzi

Her inspirations are varied, they are inspired both by nature and by spirituality. Like Henry David Thoreau, she seeks to immerse herself in nature so that she can communicate with the cosmic life. Nourished by her experiences in nature, she draws under an intuitive angle, but with meticulous attention to detail. In a miniaturist way, she began to cultivate a strange interior world. The repetition of motifs sometimes leads into a state of meditation – the calming of the mind. We find this “introverted tendency” or “self-contemplation” in Buddhist thought (the void) or Taoism (tao, natural course of things is to let go).

The importance is not the result but the experience. Art for her is not strictly aesthetic, but rather a search for oneself, nature rediscovered and reinvented.



Tu Tengyifang, painter

A graduate of the Central Academy of Beijing and the Paris School of Fine Arts, I acquired a good technical background in drawing and painting. I would be delighted to share with you my profession, to accompany you in the learning of a pictorial technique and in the realization of your projects.

A few words about my work.

Most of the time, I choose the subject to represent instinctively, it merely deserves to be painted. When I realize the image or later, once it is finished, the reasons for my choice are gradually revealed to me. Subsequently, the essence of my reflection could be summarized in a struggle to save the painting.
Sometimes I can use the reduction or “collection” of a part of it, but it will always be to the benefit of another element of the painting which initially did not deserve to be as much exposed.

Other times, it is the represented subject that saves the painting but in any case, it is always a matter of saving rather than realizing something. For me the destiny of an image, from its conception to its exposition, is above all intimate. This may seem somewhat paradoxical, but in spite of this will to demonstrate, I have the impression that the image really exists only in the intimate relationship that is created between itself and the observer.


Federica Bozzini

Since 2005 I have lived and worked in Geneva with my family.

Graduated from the Institut supérieur de peinture Van der Kelen in 1996 in Brussels, decorative painting remains my main work to which I combine painting workshops for children, courses for adults and my personal research with my paintings.

During the last 20 years of work, I was able to evolve thanks to the many collaborations. Alfonso Orombelli, my teacher and mentor, has enriched my training by teaching me the painting of nature, landscapes and love for my work.
I use several decorative techniques adapting the subjects and the material used to the situation, the client and the support, such as: fake marble, fake wood, landscapes, trompe l’oeil, graphic decors, sgraffito …

Having worked extensively abroad, my work while strongly rooted in Italian classical painting, has evolved and has been influenced by my many travels.

The constant search for subjects, colours, harmonies, materials, leads me today to want to share my know-how, my art, through courses, workshops and internships.

The careful observation of nature and the detailed study of a painting remain fundamental in the implementation of my work, detaching itself from verbal images by expressing the talent that resides in each of us.

The constant practice, the confrontation with the artists and collaborators allow me to continue in this need of “mettere al mondo il mondo”, as my fellow citizen Alighiero Boetti would have said.

Yoanys Andino Diaz

Yoanys Andino Diaz est né le 27 juillet 1982 à Manzanillo, Cuba.
Il commence à étudier l’art au travers de cours de dessin, de peinture et de sculpture à dix ans, au sein de « la maison de la culture ».

Il fait des études à l’école des beaux arts « El ALBA » à Holguín. Il y perfectionne le dessin et la peinture académiques. Ses études terminées, il rentre dans sa ville natale et devient professeur de dessin et de peinture académique à l’école d’art Carlos Enrique.

Genève est un nouveau départ où il rentre à “la HEAD” haute école d’art et de design.

En parallèle il travaille comme peintre décorateur au Grand Théâtre de Genève sur divers projets lyriques.

La peinture de Yoanys Andino Diaz ne répond à aucun style actuel de la peinture contemporaine. Il utilise des éléments de l’Académie tout en déconstruisant au travers de sa peinture le modèle classique. C’est une nouvelle esthétique qu’il propose liée à un univers onirique dans lequel s’immiscent des personnages surréalistes.

Dans ses peintures, se glissent ses proches. Chaque peintre s’entoure d’une famille artistique avec laquelle il dialogue. La trame des toiles de Yoanys est tissée des visites de Magritte ou de Salvador Dali. Et si au rêve se mêle le jeu, c’est notamment sous l’influence de Joan Miro. Mêlés aux pigments purs des couleurs dispersées sur la palette de l’artiste, ils imprègnent son œuvre.